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TeloYouth Update: 9 Major Business Plan Enhancement

1. Referral & Reorder Bonus:

We're increasing the starting base referral bonus.

8% to 9%

2. Wellness Team Bonus:

For those actively building a team, we've upped the Wellness Team Bonus by $20.

$130 to $150

3. LC Bonus:

We're increasing the bonus for those who become LC for the month.

9% to 10%

4. LC Matching Bonus & Meeting Attendance Bonus

Refer to the chart below to see bonus increases.

5. Rank Free Product Promotion:

Any Rank to earn a whole jar of TYP up to 7 times from August 2023

6. Surrean Price and PV Changes:

Dollar to Price Value(PV) ratio from 50% to 75%

Individual Price $130(65PV) to $139(104PV)

Subscription Price $125(62PV) to $129(97PV)

10 Package Price $1150(575PV) to $1190(890PV)

Total Rejuvenation Program Capsule

$2574 (2040PV) to $2598 (2230PV)

Total Rejuvenation Program Powder

$2538 (1998PV) to $2562 (2198PV)

7. Loyalty Reward Credit Adjustments:

We're making it easier to claim free products with Loyalty Reward Credits.

Surrean Youth Serum 199 to 180

TeloYouth Capsules 120 to 105

Telomega 80 to 60

8. GIT Adjustments

Adjusted points to qualify for our Global Incentive Trip. Refer to the image below.

9. Referrer & Parent Feature (from Sep 1st)

In the ‘Enroll New Member’ menu, the system can distinguish Referrer from Parent. Members will have a choice to input Referrer and Parent as one person or to place their referrals under one of their team members and still earn lifetime Referral & Reorder bonuses.


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