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What is FTE® Fertilized Tissue Extract?

Fertilized Tissue Extract: A Nutritional Powerhouse  

Fertilized Tissue Extract (FTE) is a combination of full-spectrum pre-embryonic peptides derived from the extract of healthy, fertilized, and incubated hen eggs. Its potential to benefit human health has been widely researched and documented in clinical studies that have shown to offer significant advantages to an individual’s health and overall well-being.  

The Health Benefits of FTE®: A Natural Remedy And Age Reversing Technology

One of the most notable advantages of FTE is its positive impact on sexual health and desire. Studies have revealed that FTE may help to increase libido and improve sexual performance in both men and women. Moreover, FTE can help boost energy levels and stamina, which can be particularly beneficial for athletes and individuals who lead an active lifestyle. 

The combination of these signal molecules in FTE is known to have a significant impact on the body's hormonal balance, particularly in the regulation and normalization of testosterone production. FTE's natural components of powerful pre-embryonic molecules have been shown to activate stem cells, helping to form and create enzymes, immune modulators, nucleic acids, and balanced hormone production.

FTE is ideal for people who face both physical and mental challenges every day. Athletes, in particular, may benefit from FTE as it can help enhance muscle strength, promote faster recovery times, and aid in building lean muscle mass. Additionally, FTE may aid in promoting relaxation and better stress response, both critical imperatives to comprehensive age management. Additionally, FTE's full spectrum of peptides, amino acids, and anti-inflammatory properties have been found to aid in promoting relaxation and better sleep.

Unlocking the Potential of Fertilized Tissue Extract: Understanding Its Key Components 

Fertilized Tissue Extract (FTE) is derived from the extract of fertilized and incubated hen eggs during the period of peak potency. The extraction process for FTE is critical to capturing its full potential, ensuring that all the beneficial nutrients are retained. This potent powder is a rich source of the natural full spectrum of peptides, amino acids, and stress mediators offering tremendous health benefits. 


In summary, Fertilized Tissue Extract's natural combination of potent pre-embryonic signal molecules is the key to its tremendous health-giving potential. Its ability to balance and normalize testosterone production, balance cortisol levels, and improve overall well-being is due to the extraction of its natural components during the peak period of potency. By incorporating FTE into any wellness regimen, individuals can experience increased

libido, more energy and stamina, hormonal balance, athletic performance, and a greater sense of relaxation and well-being.


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