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Brittle Toenails: Ahin 8 Years Old

This is a photo of the toenails of a baby girl born in October 2015. Her mother was worried because the girl's toenails were breaking and bleeding since she was a baby. Her grandmother recommended TeloYouth powder, so they put 1 scoop in her yogurt twice daily. 3 weeks after her toenails grew out, they trimmed the toenails, and they looked clean and strong. They are extremely happy that she has beautiful and healthy toenails now!

Her mother's message: "Take a look at this. We started giving her the TeloYouth powder on December 1st, and it transformed like this after only three weeks. It seems so effective!

And she loves the flavor of it. We mix the TeloYouth powder inside the Kefir yogurt every morning and night. Sometimes, I catch her eating it on her own; she seems to really like it! It’s a relief.

It’s fascinating. I’m usually not the person to give her any medicine/supplement although her toenails have been so brittle and weak since she was a little baby, sometimes resulting in bleeding, so I was desperate and concerned. Her toenails have not cracked or fallen off ever since she took TeloYouth powder. My husband and I also enjoy taking the TeloYouth powder, which seems super effective. Thank you, mom! All thanks to you, my baby girl Ahin is free from pain and healthy again!"


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