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Hearing Improvement, Ringing in the Ear, Athletic Stamina & Focus: Jin K. Age 71

<Update> Jin(71) won gold, silver, and bronze medals at the 2023 U.S. Open Senior Table Tennis Tournament.

The photo above was sent to verify the effectiveness of TeloYouth, which is excellent for concentration, performance, stamina, muscle strength development, and recovery. *Intake amount: Daily 4/4. During the tournament, 8/8~8/8/8.

Jin(69) is the U.S. Open Table Tennis Senior Championships Gold Medalist in 2021!

(Above picture was taken in 2021)

Jin has won numerous medals in the U.S. Open Table Tennis Senior Championships annually. He has competed with about 600 athletes each year, many of whom are about 20 years younger.

(Above picture was taken during 2017 U.S. Open Table Tennis Senior Championships)

"I have played table tennis for more than 57 years. I was an Olympic athlete and coached a Qatar national team for 13 years.

I started to take TeloYouth in 2017. I instantly noticed the clear difference in my stamina and focus and definitely helped me to win five medals in the U.S. Open Championships. It was three days of rigorous competition.

I am relatively healthy, yet my left side hearing was not good to the point that I was diagnosed to use a hearing aid. I had a habit of turning to my right side whenever I talk to someone. While we were in our house when my wife or children tried to say something to me in the distance, I could not hear well and often said, 'Let's talk later.' After about eight months of taking TeloYouth, I noticed that I do not turn to my right side when I talk to someone. I can hear and respond well when my family talks to me in the distance. When I drove my car, I used to turn up the volume to listen to the radio. Now, I turn the volume down since it feels too loud for me. Also, no more ringing in the left side of my ear anymore. TeloYouth is amazing!

Whenever I pulled a muscle on my back, it used to take about 3 weeks to recover. With TeloYouth, I get better within a couple of days. I still play table tennis rigorously for about 3-4 hours without rest, and my younger partners are in awe of my stamina and focus level.

My church members always tell me, 'You get younger and younger every time I see you. What is going on?' or 'You look twenty years younger than your age.' This is my fifth year of taking this product, and I am amazed by how powerfully it rejuvenates my whole body continuously. I started with 4/4 and increased to 8/8, then 6/6/6/6 capsules per day nowadays. I am just in love with TeloYouth."


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