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A Fast Burn Recovery: Mrs. Lee, Age 54

Story of Mrs. Lee

"I burned the inner side of my ankles from hot water when I dropped a coffee kettle, and it was hard for me to even stay standing. It was a fresh burn that was swollen with pus coming out (first picture). It was very quick thinking for me to open the TeloYouth capsules and apply the powder to the burn. And I was really surprised about the result because the swelling went away after 1 night and the pain didn't last long.

It's so incredible, I applied TeloYouth powder over the burn and it healed in 2 days! How can a serious burn like that heal in just 2 days? Even for a small burn, I thought that the healing process should take at least a week.

I'm in complete shock with the result.

I applaud TeloYouth once again!"


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