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Asymptomatic C19, Positive Antibody, Minimal Chemotherapy Pain: Jung. K Age 73

Story of Jung. K

"I am a 73 years old woman with a relapse of stage 4 ovarian cancer. I have been taking 24 capsules of TeloYouth per day since August 2020.

In January 2021, My husband caught Covid19 and stayed at home thinking it was cold for 3 days, and later was hospitalized due to respiratory problems. Although I am a cancer patient, no caregiver came because of Covid19, and my husband and I were alone. I had to help out my husband because he had a fever and cough, and eventually, my husband got admitted to the hospital due to shortness of breath. While taking care of my sick husband, I was tired, but I did not have any Covid symptoms, so I thought I didn't catch Covid19.

A week later from my husband got admitted to the hospital with Covid19, I went to the family doctor. My body weight was going down from 135 lbs to less than 100 lbs cause I couldn't eat much while undergoing chemotherapy, and I looked very pale and skinny. Because I was weak, I would have died if I caught it. Yet I did not have Covid symptoms, and I believed it must be the effects from TeloYouth. My family and friends were also very worried about me when they heard the news about my husband because I have received chemotherapy 5 times before, and catching Covid19 would be the end of me. So I talked to the family doctor about my situation, and the doctor told me to try a Covid antibody test. The results came back, and I was positive for the antibodies!

Since taking TeloYouth, I did not have much pain when going through chemotherapy. Everyone said it would be painful when I asked other people about chemotherapy.

Wow, so thanks to TeloYouth, not only was I able to go through chemotherapy with minimal pain, the Covid passed asymptomatically!"


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