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[Audio] Fast Recovery of Hip Surgery, More Energy, and No More Tremor: Jerry Age 66

Evelyn's Story

Listen to Evelyn's testimonial about her husband Jerry, who is 66 years old. In March 2020, Jerry had hip surgery after he fell; however, when he returned home after the surgery, due to the pandemic and lockdown, he had a hard time getting any physical professional help except for virtual meetings with the doctors.

Evelyn decided to give Jerry 8 TeloYouth capsules/day and attended the TeloYouth bi-weekly webinars thinking that it's like a lifeline for them. In July, when Jerry finally met his surgeons to take an x-ray, the doctors couldn't believe what they were seeing. Jerry's injured hip was quickly healed, and he didn't need to use a walker. Also, Jerry's neurologist was surprised to see that Jerry’s tremors for 20 years were gone!



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