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[Audio] Regeneration of Inactive Hand, Clean Skin: Dante, Age 68

Dante's Story

Listen to Dante's testimony about his life-changing experience with TeloYouth. Due to stress and shock, Dante collapsed with a stroke and a heart attack leaving his left side paralyzed. He was introduced to TeloYouth by a good friend/church member. He had no feeling in his left hand for more than 2 years. After taking TeloYouth for 5 days (starting with 8 capsules and increasing the amount to 12), Dante was able to grab a cane with his left hand and walk for one mile. He's experiencing the regeneration of his left hand and can feel sensations like pain!

Dante also had complete coverage of psoriasis on his legs, back, elbow, chest, and arms for 12 years. He chose not to use biological chemicals with unknown side effects. After taking TeloYouth his skin is becoming clear!



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