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[Audio] George's Incredible Results : George M. Age 65

1. Vision Improvement

George's Story

Listen to the amazing testimonial about George at age 65. He started taking 4 capsules of TeloYouth per day, which he increased to 8 capsules and noticed he got into a deeper sleep at night. Also, as he exercised, his muscle development was much better than before. However, one thing he could not understand was that his vision seemed to be fuzzier and foggier. He took an eye exam, and the optometrist told him his vision had gotten better, which is almost impossible at his age. Because his contact lenses have been out of focus, George felt like his vision got worse. In fact, his vision had improved significantly in both eyes.

2. A visible forehead scar disappears in 3 weeks. Age is regardless - TeloYouth works!


Updated: September 17, 2022

George had another vision test on Saturday 9/17/2022 and his vision has continued to improve.


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