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Caleb's Chronic Skin Issues Have Dramatic Improvements Using TeloYouth and Surrean in Just 16 Days!

Updated on October 2022

I am sending a picture of my son's hands to show you that skin irritation never came back again although it used to be a chronic issue for 8 years. He used Surrean daily for about 3 months and it’s completely gone!

"My son is 11 years old, and he has always had skin issues, especially on his legs and hands. This last winter the pediatrician told me to apply Cortizone for him when the rash came out. But the Cortizone only worked for a few days, and the rash came back again and again. His skin was always dry and itchy.

A month ago, I held his hands, and they were red, dry, and thick like I am touching a tree bark. I was so frustrated, and I applied Cortizone for 3 days on his hands which didn't change anything. So I gave him 2 TeloYouth capsules in the morning and 2 in the evening. I also put 3 pumps of Surrean on his hands every morning and evening.

It has been about 16 days, and the bark-like layer has disappeared, and his hands have become much softer. I am so glad that I chose to use TeloYouth and Surrean for him instead of Cortizone. Thank you so much!"


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