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Chronic Systematic Infection Recovery: Mrs. Lee Age 60

She is experiencing dramatic recovery after almost 30 years of suffering.

Story of Mrs. Lee

"Hello, I want to share the good news today.

I suffered from an illness for a long time and couldn't go out for 30 years. I injured my back 20 years ago and had an iron screw fixation on my spine. My back was hurting so bad, and I decided to get moxibustion. Unfortunately, the moxibustion was done by a quack which I got burns all over my body, and pus started to show up all over my burned flesh. I could even smell pus from my mouth because my mouth was also covered with wounds. Pus came out of my anus, and the pus on my thighs and buttocks were festered. I went to many hospitals to treat my conditions for the last 20 years; however, I only got worse and had side effects from antibiotics. So, I just wanted to die going through so much pain and felt like I was living in hell.

When I was getting an oriental medicine treatment, someone I knew introduced me to TeloYouth. I wanted to finish the herbal treatment first, so I did not start TeloYouth right away. After trying the herbal treatment, the symptoms got even worse, so I had to stop. I contacted the person who introduced TeloYouth to me, and I told her I want to try this except I couldn't go to the bank or get TeloYouth in this physical condition. She brought TeloYouth to me on Friday night, and from the first day I took TeloYouth, I slept well that night. The following day, the area near my spine hurt severely, so I took TeloYouth and applied it to the pus. Before taking TeloYouth, it was challenging to stand up or sit down because my whole body was damaged, especially the area near the spine, and my anal was tattered. When I applied TeloYouth to the pus-prone area, the pain subsided, and I could sleep well. For the first time in 30 years, I felt like the sun was shining after the long dark days of my life. Also, the swelling from my fingers went down, and I could feel my skin was softer while taking a shower.

I also applied Surrean to my legs while taking TeloYouth for 5 days. Then the color of my legs was returning to normal, which used to be purple. Now it has been 5 months since I have started TeloYouth. I can walk like the other normal people, there is no more pus on my body, and the pain is significantly reduced. A few days ago, I was even painting my house with my family. Thank you, I love TeloYouth so much!"


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