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Vision, Healthier Hair, Black Tongue from Reflux Esophagitis, Foot Calluses

Story of Soon K.

"My son and I started taking TeloYouth on July 17, 2021. My son had sequelae (after effects) from brain tumor surgery, and at the time was losing his eyesight and sense of balance. For him, there were a few months of retracing before experiencing recovery. He felt a sudden weakness in his legs and would fall down often. There were times he wanted to stop taking TeloYouth. However, he decided to continue taking TeloYouth and eventually good things started to happen.

For me, I started to regrow my hair and get back my vision from chronic stress and breakdown. The symptoms of the black tongue from my esophageal reflux cleared up and even the calluses on my feet started going away. It's been amazing!"


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