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Fast Recovery of an Injured Cat


4 Days After Taking TeloYouth

Story of Choco

"I am going to talk about my cats today. I raise two cats outdoors because they are wild. My cats are very free-roaming and loved by our neighbors. One day, one of the cats named Choco injured his right front elbow. He was unable to straighten his elbow or walk which he eventually became afraid to leave the house.

His bone was not broken but the muscles in the elbow were bitten off and the flesh fell off enough to expose the bone. I was thinking about taking him to the vet; but instead, I decided to feed him TeloYouth first. I put 2 (two) pills of TeloYouth mixed with water in a syringe and fed it to Choco twice a day for a total of 4 (four) days.

The first video was taken when he just got hurt and the second video was taken after I fed him TeloYouth for 4 (four) days. TeloYouth is such an amazing product for us and I can not believe how fast my cat is recovering from a serious injury. Choco is now running around with lots of energy.

Thank you and bless you so much for TeloYouth!"


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