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Rejuvenation Story: Hair Color Turning Back, Acid Reflux, Coughing, Energy and Skin: Kim, Age 76

In 2013, I experienced shoulder pain after receiving a flu vaccine, so I went to the hospital for a diagnostic test. They found 4 tumors that looked like black dots in my chest. After removing them, I felt so drained and had no energy. I was told that I would have to undergo a second surgery, and it was the most painful experience ever.

At 76, I did not realize that my body was in such bad condition until the surgery. Ever since the surgery, I laid still like a person waiting for death. I would wake up in the middle of the night because of the coughs and the itchiness in my throat. I was coughing a lot because of stomach acid reflux.

This is when my friend introduced me to TeloYouth. After beginning to take TeloYouth I was able to feel that this was a really good product. I immediately bought 20 bottles and took 12 pills a day, 6 in the morning and 6 in the evening. I also took some more here and there whenever it came to mind. About a month after I started taking TeloYouth, my energy fully recovered and, to my surprise, my coughing and acid reflux stopped. Since then, I have been taking the product consistently.

Everyone who sees me compliments that I look 20 years younger. I will be 80 years old soon, but my skin glows like a 50-year-old. The people who are learning line dancing with me say that they are shocked after finding out my actual age. I've lost weight and put on some muscle too. All of my hair was turning white just about 3 years ago and now it's slowly turning back to black (see photos). I have regained my youth and I am now living my best life.


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