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Hair, Skin, White Blood Cells, Red Blood Cells, Hemoglobin, & Liver imbalances Improve!

Hair, Skin, White Blood Cells, Red Blood Cells, Hemoglobin, and Liver imbalances from Morgellons all improve for Mrs. Hong, 64 Years Old

Results from 8/30/2022

I was born in 1958 and I am 64 years old. In 2007, I was diagnosed with a very dangerous HER2 breast cancer with the tumor measuring 4.7 cm in the left breast that rapidly metastasized to 9/10. I had my left breast resected, and after receiving chemotherapy once every 3 weeks for 2 years, I fully recovered.

In the Summer of 2018, bird mites, rat fleas, and much more were transmitted to my house by an outdoor pet cat and I got Morgellons, a tickborne illness, one of the Lyme diseases. I met with more than 50 doctors at different hospitals like UCLA and USC, dermatologists, and specialists from the infections department, but there was no one who knew about this disease and there was no treatment method.

Two years later I met a Lyme specialist doctor. He prescribed me 4 different antiparasitic drugs that I take with other drugs and antibiotics every day determined by the blood test results I get every 3 to 4 weeks.

Morgellons disease is more terrifying than cancer, which makes the whole body turn black. It will eat your flesh, turn you into a 90-year-old grandmother, and destroy teeth and organs, leading to death within a few years if not treated.

From September 2019 to February 2020, I met an oriental doctor who claimed he would cure any disease including cancer, so I used dozens of his herbal supplements. My symptoms worsened. My face changed to a grandmother in her 90s, my teeth were discolored black. Two of my upper molars were shattered so I had to get them removed, and five of my other teeth were treated because they were cracked.

His treatments also brought on hypothyroidism, which I never had in my life, so I stopped going to him. March 2020 is when I met with the Morgellons specialist and started his treatment. It didn’t get worse this time, but there were no improvements either.

Since 2018, I wanted to live to see my two sons get married, but I prayed that the Lord would take me quickly because of the severe pain I was experiencing. I was constantly reminded that I wouldn't last a year on Earth, so I gave away my belongings to the people around me. I also wrote a will for my death more than 4 times. Every morning I woke up I told myself “Let's endure this one day”, so I endured and lived for the given day.

Since the winter of last year, I was prescribed a once-a-week parasitic drug that works well with Morgellons, and it seemed to ease a bit of pain, but there was no big change.

Last year, a friend introduced me to a product similar to TeloYouth, in which I took 8 capsules a day for 6 months. My hair did grow thicker, but I didn't feel any other changes, so I stopped for about 4 months.

Then a close friend of mine strongly recommended TeloYouth, so I started taking it without expecting too much. I just said to myself “let's eat it as a hair supplement”

I took 8 TeloYouth capsules a day starting from June 14, 2022 and gradually increased the amount and took 16 a day from June 22. I tried to reduce the amount to once every two days due to the unbearable pain, vomiting, and dizziness, but my skin continued to improve and my heart-tightening pain disappeared. And almost a month later, I am taking 24 TeloYouth and 8 Telomegas a day, and I am still taking it with high hopes, seeing that everything is getting better and I am convinced that all the pain is a process of retracing.

I used to have such thin hair that I wore a small wig on my bangs whenever I went outside. When I took the product that was similar to TeloYouth for 6 months, my hair did become a little thicker, but after taking TeloYouth for 2 months, my hair got evidently stronger in thickness and in numbers. My hair was so thick that my family was surprised as well. My two sons, who started losing their hair, have been taking TeloYouth together now since a few weeks ago.

And when I started taking TeloYouth, my blood tests that I get every 3 to 4 weeks came out well, so I reduced the hypothyroid medication from 75mg, then 45mg, and now I'm taking 30mg (I was taking 90mg last year)

I went to the dentist last week and they said that my old looks are coming back and everyone who sees me now says that I look better. The dentist was wondering why I gave him a visit because my teeth looked so healthy and strong.

I was so shocked when I checked the blood test results on the morning of September 2nd. Since I got cancer in 2007, my WBC, RBC, hemoglobin, liver level, etc. have never been normal. There were red texts out of balance readings all over, but this blood test was filled with green texts, indicating that everything is normal.

I am still taking the same parasitic meds I was taking before with TeloYouth and Telomega.

The test that I took on August 30, 2022, was all green, with the results of my liver markers ALT 16 and AST 16 being the best, and the thyroid level has improved. So I am hoping that I can stop taking the thyroid medication altogether very soon.

TeloYouth is my only hope and I am now dreaming of a day that I become free from all these symptoms thanks to the many positive changes that my body experienced in the past 2 and a half months.


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