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Painful Joint Inflammation, Constipation, Osteoporosis, Changes in her Blood: Hae W. Age 66

Story of Hae W.

"There were times that I have questioned, "Should I continue taking TeloYouth?" Starting in February 2021, I took 8/8/8/8 (32) TeloYouth capsules/day and noticed severe constipation. In April, I took a blood test, most of the numbers came out abnormally high, and I was still going through constipation. But I believed this resulted from temporary retracing before recovery, so I gave TeloYouth a chance and continued taking 32 capsules daily.

A few months later, people around me noticed changes in my face. I had better skin, and I looked younger. I was excited about people commenting on my appearance, so I retook the blood test (10 months Rejuvenation program) and discovered all the blood pressure, blood sugar, and LDL levels became normal! I also had severe osteoporosis and wanted to test TeloYouth, so I focused on taking enough of TeloYouth and stopped taking dozens of supplements. My bone density level was as good as people in their 20s. I was so excited about the results. I also noticed that my arthritis pain was much lessened substantially, I do not have constipation anymore, and I sleep much better at night. I am thrilled to tell everyone that I am so glad I continued with TeloYouth to see the great results."


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