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Recovery of Black Toenail and Leg Strength

"I took the first picture on December 26, 2020. I had a hysterectomy in 2016 and about a year later, my right leg was swollen, numb, and stuffy; when I woke up in the morning and put my feet on the floor, my feet were so numb that I couldn't even feel the floor. The right joint also hurt badly, and it was only okay for a little bit after I went swimming. After three years in this bad condition, I felt like something was clogged up in my hips because blood was not circulating well, and my second toenail became black and damaged as the result. Few months ago, I had no strength from the hips to the lower body. Since I had weak energy, I started taking herbal medicine and TeloYouth together. And surprisingly in two months, I had more strength and energy in my legs than ever before. In addition, a new fresh toenail is coming out behind the black toenail as in the second picture (taken this morning). My friends and family also have been telling me I look younger and my skin looks radiant. I feel so lucky that I found TeloYouth, thank you so much!"


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