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Relief from Skin Rash and Constipation

"Hello, when I started taking TeloYouth, in the beginning, I often had an upset stomach, so I took the 4 capsules in the morning and 4 capsules in the evening after the meals. But soon, I increased amounts to 5/5 before the meal, and my stomach had no problem. I had a good sleep at night when I took TeloYouth. Also, I had a good bowel movement the following morning. As the uncomfortable symptoms gradually disappeared, I became very hopeful. I took a picture of the rash on my hand, which has been bothering me for a long time. The rash usually stang and spread wide on my hand. But a few days after I took TeloYouth, the rash stopped spreading (2nd picture). And when I finished almost one bottle, the rash was almost gone (3rd picture)."


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