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Surrean is Used for Healing Wounds

Surrean was first developed and used for 3rd-degree burns. The technology used in making Surrean was first used for wound healing in 3rd-degree burn studies. It was used as the therapeutic agent in these studies to demonstrate its healing properties. This is why it is recommended for healing, not just as a skin lotion or potion. It was also used in surgery for skin grafts when needed, and to help with burns.

This picture is of a baby boy's arm that was accidentally exposed to hot oil when his mom was deep-frying. Surrean signal molecules were used, and the 3rd-degree burns were healed with minimal scarring in just 21 days reflecting amazing rejuvenation. It decreased (shortened) recovery time with minimal scarring and regenerated complex tissues that are bound within the skin tissue. It rejuvenates more than just the skin's surface layers. It rejuvenates not just the inner collagen but the complex interconnecting layers of skin tissue, nerves, and vessels.


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