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Swollen Feet, Blood Circulation, Toenail Fungus, Back Pain: Jay, Age 81

“I started taking 40 capsules of TeloYouth per day since April 26. In June and July, I was scared because whenever I urinated, thick blood clots came out as a result of my prostate issues. But from September, thick blood clots only came out occasionally.

As you can see in the above picture, I had a lot of swelling in the feet especially the right side in June. I am diabetic and had toenail fungus due to impaired immunity and poor blood circulation and my right big toenail was black and rotten. However, after continuously taking TeloYouth, I noticed my feet got warmer because blood sugar and circulation has improved, and the swelling has gone down. Before discovering TeloYouth, I used to consume lots of pain relievers because of my back pain, but not anymore. I now live a healthier life with TeloYouth. Thank you.”


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