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Muscle Enhancement, Skin, Dementia Recovery: Mrs. Kim, Age 84

Story of Mrs. Kim

"Good for those already taking TeloYouth, but I'm here to talk to those who think this is no different from other products compared to the amount of money invested. I want to tell you about the recovery that my mother experienced after taking TeloYouth for 7 months.

She started taking TeloYouth on July 17, 2021. Before taking it, my mother could not move independently. So she spent most of her time in bed while I collected her bowel movements. My mother was severely ill with insomnia, dementia, and Bell's palsy (facial paralysis). Her hands and feet trembled so much that she could not attend her husband's funeral in June.

I gave her TeloYouth as a gift, but to tell you the truth, I was skeptical that she could ever recover from her terrible condition. After about 3 months, she seemed to be better but felt pain all over her body and refused to take it anymore. I convinced her to continue since it must be a retracing period and a standard process for TeloYouth. She then continued to take it for about 4 more months, and surprisingly, now she can use her walker to go to the bathroom and even eat meals on her own at our dining table.

She fully recovered from Bell's palsy, as the pictures show the difference.

My mom is not in any state to do any physical activity or sports, but her calf is as muscular as a young lady's. Her wrinkles have stretched/flattened out too.

I also feel that there are changes within her body as much as they did on the outside.

She has recovered a lot from dementia and enjoys reading the bible from time to time.

She still struggles to fall asleep, but she consistently takes TeloYouth in hopes of being insomnia-free.

There's a process for everything, and I hope for a good result for everyone.

Stay healthy, and do not feel discouraged.

Don't forget that TeloYouth is doing work in our bodies as God is doing His work for all of us.

Trust it!"


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