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White & Red Blood Cell Count Intestine: Cha L. age 75

"I live in Seattle and I am at my mid seventy. I have suffered from Hepatitis B and intestine issues for a long time. Since last December, I have taken 16 capsules of TeloYouth per day for 5 months now. I see much improvement in my overall health.

First thing was my intestine and sphincter functions. Whenever I felt like going to bathroom, I could not hold it before I reach the bathroom. I am so thankful that I can hold it without any problem nowadays. My stool color was bluish black for about ten years. The color has changed into healthy yellow. I also feel like my intestine function has improved at least 50%.

Another good news is that my red and white blood cell count was always below average. After two months of Rejuvenation program, I checked my blood and my red and white blood cell was above average! I have always suffered from low energy. I feel more energy and very refreshed after I wake up in the morning, which are new experience for me. I know I will get healthier and younger as I continue taking TeloYouth. Thank you so much for creating such a life-changing product."


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