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[Audio] Increased Strength, Flexibility, and More Energy!: Vernell, Age 70

Updated on October 11, 2022

Vernell has been committed to improving her health and outlook on working from the inside out. She has an update on all the wonderful things that is happening with her progress. With that laser focus, she was able to reap the benefits of the TeloYouth Rejuvenation program.

Not only was she gaining energy, strength, and flexibility but mentioned the great results with reducing inflammation. The following is her summary "In 1998 my wedding band would easily slip onto the ring finger of either hand. Then, the ring finger of my right hand became too big. All the fingers of my right hand had gotten bigger. I noticed that last month, September 2022, there are times during the day when I could have forcefully slipped my wedding ring onto that right finger. The swelling had reduced that much. Previously, the wedding ring would stop before even reaching the knuckle. I know TeloYouth works effectively on inflammation."

TeloYouth has allowed Vernell to more easily focus on things that are up-close. She usually had to take off her glasses to read anything small and close but no longer. These improvements, though slight by some measures have given her ease in doing what tasks most take for granted. With all the flexibility and ease of movement she has been able enjoy since taking TeloYouth, her love of working with horses will remain an active part of her days not just a sweet memory of the past.

Audio from February 2022

Listen to Vernell's story about how TeloYouth helped her with better strength, flexibility, and energy.


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